Style and Substance

3869180750_746c2d9a9f_z3869182252_5448911734There was a time when a refrigerator was not just any old appliance.  A refrigerator from this era stands out – rounded corners, chrome handles, and stylish trim.  Inside, they boasted solid craftsmanship and parts to complement their appearance.

These machines were built to be beautiful.  They were built to be loved. And they were built to last.



After 1960, drastic changes took place in the world of appliances. FridgeNastyFreeBeerMaggots Cost-cutting led to the use of cheaper components, and classic styling disappeared in the race to the bottom line.

This led to the generic ‘box’ refrigerator, built by mass production for mass consumption, with a life span of a mere ten years.  Once it breaks, you can buy another.


The quality and crafstmanship of this bygone era deserve our attention and appreciation.

We at Retro Refrigeration are working to save these wonderful pre-1960 refrigerators before they are gone forever.

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